Most developers use Git to manage the source control of the projects development files which will allow versioning and the ability to revert back to previous versions of development if required.


We use GitHub to host and manage all of our project repositories, and it’s required that all developers ensure that project repositories are stored within the companies GitHub team account to allow all members of the development team access to be able to collaborate towards the development.

It is also required that all project repositories are set to private and include a supporting file. The …

Below is an outline of the general approach for the application file and directory structure, along with general principles to componentised development — using coding libraries and managing shared functionality and elements.

When developing web applications, it is required that a clean directory structure is used and maintained to separate the business logic and application functionality, whilst keeping suitable naming conventions for your directories and files that describe the functionality contained.

Development should follow an object-orientated approach to separate website functionality into components that can be reused throughout the website development. The benefits of componentising the website into sections will…

This industry has changed so much since the 90’s, every aspect of digital production is now so advanced they require specialist skill sets to deliver them at a decent calibre. This ranges from technical scoping and management, UI/UX planning, creative, frontend and backend development, QA, testing etc… to application specific such as, HubSpot, Magento, Google Analytics, PPC, etc…. the list is endless.

The days of single ‘full-stack’ developers are long gone. To offer development to an industry standard level you need a team of specialist producers. …

I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way! It’s the sole reason I completely reinvented our business after 10 years of going in a single direction.

After a decade of trying, but not really succeeding to any great degree — I realised something was critically wrong.

Our skillset was extremely competitive, We were a vastly experienced, passionate, forward thinking team that was widely respected across the industry.

Delivery was sound, new business was the least of our concerns. …

Lee Crampton

Digital Strategy, Innovation, Business Development and Growth.

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